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Romans 10:15

Asheville was warm and sunny this morning, the perfect day to deliver our first round of quilts to the Asheville Pregnancy Support Services office.  The gracious staff gave us a tour of their facility since some members of Piecemakers4Life has not been there before.  How happy we were to be greeted by wall quilts every time we turned a corner!

What a great work these wonderful women are doing as they lend loving support to those facing a difficult time in their lives, offering physical, emotional, and spiritual help.

Here we are, quilts in hand.

From left to right:  Barbara, Sandy, Judy, Teresa, Shirley, Nancy


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It’s been a hot week in the mountains, but high temperatures didn’t deter us.  Several of our members have already reached the quilting stage in the second round of quilts.  We cut fabric, marked quilt tops, and considered some quick block construction methods that will be posted in the near future.

Judy, Sandy, and Barbara Discuss Quilting Options

Barbara Marks Her Quilt Top

Janice and Abigail Cut Out Their Next Quilt

Teresa Cuts Out Her Quilt Strips

I spent a little time in Asheville this afternoon shopping for fabric.  Love was definitely in the air when I found these prints.  And the great thing is I already have a quilt design in mind for every one of them.

Quilt Fabrics

I saved the best part for last.  The daughter of one of our members purchased these darling fabrics and donated them to our group.  Aren’t they precious?  I’ve grown so attached to them that the first cuts are going to be a painful experience!

Quilt Fabric Donation

Have a great weekend.


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Our group met again today and spent the time learning how to make half-square and quarter-square triangle units.  After practicing the quick methods to construct these blocks, we learned three methods for making flying geese.

Judy showed us her next quilt project for the crisis pregnancy center.  She used the sew and cut method for the four patches.   As always, her talent for choosing and combining bright, beautiful colors shines through.

Quilt Project

Judy's Latest Quilt Project

One of the highlights of the meeting was viewing another quilt Judy had made.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  It’s a wonderful example of how to use half-square triangles to make a stunning quilt.

Half-Square Triangle Quilt

Judy's Half-Square Triangle Quilt

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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Our quilt group met today with completed quilts in hand.  A few members haven’t quite finished their binding, but the end is in sight.  On Sunday, the members of our church will have opportunity to enjoy all the beauty of our first set of baby quilts, which will be donated to the local crisis pregnancy center.

There’s so much excitement being exuded by the new quilters in our group.  They love the learning process, which means they will advance quickly.  Additionally, there is a special joy involved in making quilts for new moms-to-be who will receive them during a difficult time in their lives.  Our prayers attend each little quilt.

Judy, Sandy, Teresa Work on Displaying the Labels

Janice, Sandy, Shirley

Abagail and Nancy's Quilts

Judy with Her Quilt (Teresa's Quilt on the Right)

Teresa and Barbara

My Quilt

Choosing Fabric For the Next Quilt Project

Auditioning Fabric Selections


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Quilt Backing

Today’s meeting focused on binding and quilt labels.  We’ve almost completed our first set of quilts for the crisis pregnancy center.

Preparing quilt for binding

First quilts are such a great experience.  You learn from your mistakes, but you also learn why so much emphasis is put on accurate measurements and scant quarter-inch seams.

Preparing quilt backing

I must say, though, that this group of mostly new quilters has advanced quickly and done a beautiful job on their quilt projects.  They’ve been eager learners, always asking thoughtful questions that benefit the rest of the group.

Cutting binding strips

Quilt backing and quilt labels


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Wow!  Today was our third meeting and we’ve come so far.  All those little squares have lined up in their rows and produced many beautiful quilt tops.

Here is a sampling of our progress.

Our Youngest Member - Great Color Choices!

A Beautiful Mix of Colors

The Perfect Quilt for a Little Girl

Exciting Colors That Children Will Love

Several members completed their quilt tops and began preparing their quilt sandwiches.  We also learned some simple machine quilting techniques and how to cut and apply binding.  Another great meeting, ladies.  Keep up the good work.


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Patchwork Friday

The Piecemakers4Life group meets again this Friday, April 30th at 10 am.  We will spend a little time talking about and demonstrating simple machine quilting.  Also, we will explore various ways to bind our quilts.  Please bring your works-in-progress and all your questions.  See you there.


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