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Little Lamb Quilt Labels

I digitized a new quilt label this morning and thought I would share it with any of my readers that have embroidery machines. I’m offering it in VIP format but you are free to convert it within your embroidery software. The design measures 80.9 x 70.4mm (3.19 x 3.09 inches).  The graphic above shows how the label will look in three different colors, but you are free to color the label any way you choose.

I usually stitch my quilt labels on Kona cotton fabric, which I starch and press. I also use a tear-away stabilizer under the design as it stitches.

You can download this embroidery design freebie from BOX in the right margin. The file is labeled quilt-label-1.zip. Please read the copyright and use information in the included doc file.

Quilt Label

I hope you enjoy using this cute label on your baby quilts.

Happy stitching,



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